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As I mentioned in my last post, I have a BIG trip on the horizon…Israel!

Credit: Pnina E. Flickr account – click photo to link

As a member of the tribe, my first visit to the holy land is an occasion to celebrate. I mean, I would celebrate any vacation right about now…but this is special.

(BTW – If anyone is arriving to this here blog by searching “Israel” – this is not a forum to talk foreign policy, so don’t waste your time. Thanks!)

BUT…this is a forum on what to pack!

So, let’s see…long plane ride? (check), city sight-seeing? (check), hiking? (check), desert hot and cold weather? (check)…and of course I want to do this comfortably, stylishly and efficiently…so, what’s on my list?

My go to summer dress:

2. A comfortable and secure bag to carry my DSLR, water bottle and the rest of my gear:

3. Sunblock!

4. A fun read:

5. And of course, comfortable shoes…but more on that to come.

Now it’s your turn, what would be on your list?

P.S. If you’re wondering about the subject line, it is from a Jon Stewart bit:

“They’re not the ‘Oh, let me help you with your taxes’ Jews. They’re the ‘Can you hold my machine gun while I take a leak’ Jews. It’s a different culture.”


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Spring in DC this year can only be described as erratic…one day it’s warm and beautiful, the next cold and rainy.

I could really use a week in the Dominican Republic, but that is not in my future. Luckily, five days in Phoenix is just a week away!

On the agenda – a trip to Frank Llod Wright’s Taliesin West, a visit to the University of Arizona’s Biospere 2, a round of golf, delicious Mexican food and some relaxation in the sun!

My packing list:

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Candide Tangerine


Michael Stars’ Calypso Tote

Garnet Hill’s Cotton Gauze Long Dress

Restricted Wood Wedge

Top things off with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, summer scarf, denim jacket, brown leather belt and a mani/pedi! Done!

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Houseware Heaven

I think I need to stop apologizing for disappearing, since it’s just becoming redundant. Hopefully, you will just enjoy when I am around. The only problem is, there is so much I like to share!

My latest favorite website? Fishs Eddy

Cute kitchenware at good prices. My three top favorites:

The Artist Palette Cheese Tray

The polka dot cereal bowls (my eggplant cereal bowls are seriously chipped and I’ve already posted on my latest obsession with polka dots)

And the vintage inspired glass storage bowl set

Anything catch your fancy?

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Polka Dots

Maybe it’s my Polish roots, but I am totally digging polka dots lately.

Like this:

And this:

I don’t think I have a single item in my wardrobe with polka dots. Are there any do’s and don’ts to wearing them?

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I’ve already talked about incorporating your hometown pride into your decor, but this post is a new twist for my fashionistas.

My sister, BK, told me she was on the hunt to track down the state pictures hung above the bed in the movie, Julie and Julia. After some quick Google searching, I found more information on the blog Olives and Daisies. Here’s a picture from the blog for reference:

Turns out, they are vintage travel scarves…how cool?! More googling lead to a nice selection of these kind of scarves on Etsy and Ebay.

Would you frame it like in the movie? You could also turn it into a pillow…or hey, maybe wear it?

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I hope you had a great long weekend and getting into the post-holiday groove isn’t too painful. This time is all about countdowns, so I thought I’d do a one of my own (while reading this, please use your best Carson Daley/Casey Kasem voice)…

Highlights of 2010:

1. Marrying the love of my life!

*Photo taken by the fabulous Sarah Hodzic of Blink Photography.

2. Buying our first home!

3. Benefit Benetint

4. A fantastic family vacation to Costa Rica!

5. My super fun bachelorette trip to Austin, TX!

Mmm..green chile queso.

6. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

7. Catching up with one of my college roommates, who now lives in London, and I haven’t seen in 5 years.

8. Swackets…is it a jacket? is it a sweater? No, it’s a swacket!

9. Starting this blog!

10. My incredible family, friends and readers!


Things to look forward to in 2011:

1. My new job!

2. Adopting a dog!

3. Reading the rest of the Millennium Trilogy.

4. Getting back on the diet bandwagon.

5. Hitting a birthday milestone…

6. Traveling to the midwest twice for friends’ weddings.

7. My incredible family, friends and readers!


What were your favorite moments/things of 2010 and what you are looking forward to in 2011?

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In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Design*Sponge. It’s one of my favorite blogs. We just seem so in sync, as you can see from my update on yesterday’s blog post.

Well, I had another, “great minds think alike,” moment. Last week, I finally got around to watching Love Story. It’s been in my Netflix queue for quite some time, it’s supposed to be a “classic” I’ve never seen before and I was in the mood for something girlie.

Well, what would you know, Design*Sponge did a whole post on the movie right after I watched!

I can’t say I loved the movie. It was a bit too mushy and dramatic for me, but I was drooling over Ali MacGraw’s wardrobe, especially the camel and winter white jackets! Love!

So much so, it inspired me to buy this on Alloy (I know, I know, I am not a 14 year-old anymore, but they have cute jeans in 30″ inseams!):

Doesn’t the model even look like Ali MacGraw?! I’d also been thinking I will go dark at my next hair appointment…and even though I have perfect vision, can I get away with fake glasses or is that taking it too far?

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