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There are so many possible titles for this post…Return of the Jedi, Welcome Back Kotter…yeah, I am not so good at this, but apparently, I am good at falling off the face of the blogosphere.

I am sorry I was gone and if you’re interested, perhaps we can talk about it at some point (ala A CUP OF JO). I can’t say it’s all behind me, but I appreciate the support I have gotten from all of you and the requests to return to blogging.

Some things to look forward to in the posts to come? Let’s see…I have a “new” job, an upcoming BIG trip, a jump on the C25K bandwagon, an out of nowhere interest in baking and much, much more. So stay tuned!

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with me on Twitter and Pinterest and if not, follow me!

And to go along with the social media plug, I’ll kick things off with a little something my husband shared with me that made me smile: The Fall of Pinterest



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As many of you get ready to do fun things for Labor Day weekend, like going to the beach and traveling, I will be helping the husband and the Father-in-Law install base moulding in our Master Bedroom and other fun projects around the house. Cross your fingers for me…just kidding! It should be an adventure at least and I’m excited for some lovely results. Look forward to an update and pictures on that next week.

Have a great long weekend and I will leave you with this beauty…

You can thank A CUP OF JO again for this one. She recently featured The Poet’s Loft on her blog as a vacation fantasy. She says, “vacation fantasy,” I say, “forget vacation, can I just move in forever?” I mean who wouldn’t want this for the rest of their life?!

Maybe someday…

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