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Catch Me If You Can

I am not an athletic sort of person, but I do try to stay active. Then back in the spring, out of nowhere, my ankle hurt so badly taking my dear pup, Quincy, for his last for the night walk around the block was tear inducing.

Cue obligatory cute Q pic here:

Does it get any cuter than that folks?!

After a diagnosis of tendonitis and months of physical therapy, I am finally back to normal…albeit with a new funky snap, crackle, pop noise when I am on my toes without support. There goes my dream to dance the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy…

Not doing any physical activity for several months left me unprepared to spend all day on my feet and do some hiking on the upcoming trip. I started getting back on the elliptical, but felt like I needed to push further – so what to do? The Couch to 5K (C25K) training program! If you haven’t done it yourself, I am sure you know someone who has…it works. (If you’ve been following me on twitter, you know all my progress so far, #hikemasada.)

I start week 4 of 9 today and not gonna lie, I am little scared about the jump from running 9 minutes to 16?!

Calm his nerves or get the last french fry?!

Running does not come naturally, but I have to say, the feeling of accomplishment when finished with a run is amazing. So any running readers out there have advice for a novice?


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