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Fresh Out Of Dough

It’s not just running that has me occupied with a new curiosity. I’ve also been baking, which of course is the perfect counterpoint to exercise! I have been cooking since I was just a wee little one. Proof:

Beyond a killer banana bread (you know you want that recipe!), baking has never captured my imagination, like cooking, but I suppose it runs in my blood. My maternal grandfather made his living as a successful bakery owner in Queens.  You know you want some of those recipes too! Note to self…

It all started with an abundance of blueberries…I made chocolate blueberry oatmeal cookies, blueberry banana bread, peach coffee cake and then my attention turned to bread.

Thanks to Pinterest (follow me here), I got to cooking up some sourdough starter. I was following this recipe and using this container. Here is what it looked like at the beginning:

Even though the container I got looks identical to the one from the website, I accidentally knocked the lid and it broke, so then I covered the starter with plastic wrap and it actually really took off from there, so I am thinking it kept too much air out of the mix.

Once the starter was ready, I followed this recipe (sorry if you do not subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated, totally worth the money, but I am sure you can Google another). It’s an intense and time-consuming process and the recipe actually needs some tweaking. I will post the final recipe after I get it right. But this is a teaser photo, following the recipe exactly:

I also made a non-sourdough following this recipe. I took the basic instructions and added some olive oil, rosemary from a friend’s garden and a bunch of cloves of roasted garlic. It was a bit dense (might’ve been the yeast I used) and needed a touch more salt, but also delish. Here’s a pic:

Have I made you hungry yet? What’s your favorite thing to bake?


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